Are you looking for a HOT new inventory source?

I am so excited to announce the long awaited 

Liquidation Gold – A Guide For Amazon Sellers”  


In this guide I am showing you the techniques we used to personally:

  • Become a Work at Home Family!
  • Replace both of our incomes.
  • Save time by buying multiples.
  • Sell $274,000 in 2012 on

This eBook is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for a new inventory source that has very little competition.
  • You are tired of margins around 50% and want 100% +.
  • You want to start purchasing multiples, instead of just one or two all the time.
  • You like to think “out of the box”!


I have been selling on Amazon for 3 years and this provides the income for our family to live on.  My #1 source of inventory is what is called a salvage store, or liquidation center.  We have found the ways to purchase inventory for less than we could at any chain store!  For this reason, we are buying lower than other sellers and have an advantage when it comes to pricing.  It is not unusual for us to buy things for $1 that we can turn around and sell on Amazon for $10+.  Or, think of a bundle with a cost of $3 selling for $30.  


Here is one item we found from a liquidation center that is a perfect example of LIQUIDATION GOLD!

We purchased these Burt’s Bees Lip Balms for $1/piece and purchased over 200 of them.  These were sold as singles for $15+ and packs of 6 for $59+.  You can see in photo #1 that there were almost 60 orders for this one product.  A lot of them were for multipacks.  Photo #2 shows one of the 6 pack orders at $59.95 +sh.



You may be thinking, “I find things like this at drug stores all the time!”  Well, here is the difference:  I was able to buy 200 from ONE store as opposed to driving from CVS to CVS all over town.  The reason is because these liquidators are getting ALL of the leftovers, so there are more at one store than I could find if I was at the original source.


There are many more examples just like this one inside the guide.


In this guide I answer the most frequently asked questions, one by one.  This is a no fluff book!  I get to the point and keep it simple so that you can easily understand and immediately apply the tips that you learn.  


These salvage stores may NOT be in your local area.  They are NOT everywhere.  If you are able to find just one, you should be able to recoup the cost of this book in just one visit, using our ideas for sourcing.  For those of you who can’t find one, take these tips and apply them to improve your sourcing at any store.  I give examples of what I do when items do not scan, when there are no sellers and when the ranks are bad.  You can use these tips at any store.


This guide is full of my personal experiences and rules I shop by.  No “this should work” or “I heard someone made this work”.  This is my real life system that I use every time I scout!

 We have also included 2 bonuses with your purchase:

  • A pocket reference guide for expiration dates.
  • My personal strategy used to grow our business quickly, with a small investment

You can get the bonuses mentioned above and the Liquidation Gold guide, which is made up of the 30 most asked questions I get about buying salvage.

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