Success Stories

Here are just a few of the notes I have received from other sellers I have helped in their onlines selling journey.

I can’t wait to add your name to the list!

“With two daughters in college, and not enough income to support their education plus our regular bills, Jessica Larrew has been a life-saver!  She has been mentoring me for the last 15 months.  Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided me in being a successful seller on Amazon.  She has assisted me with setting up my account, learning FBA rules and regulations for prepping shipments, as well as basic scouting techniques.  My learning curve has been drastically improved in a short amount of time because of her vast knowledge. 

I feel extremely confident in recommending Jessica’s services.  She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.” -Brenda

“When I was just starting to sell on Amazon, I was fortunate to have Jessica mentoring me. She was patient and very informative whenever I had a question. Jessica didn’t just tell me *what* to sell, she helped teach me *how* to choose what to sell. Jessica really knows selling on Amazon, and she has created a wonderfully successful family business. I trust Jessica’s advice!! She knows selling on Amazon!” – Sue

“One year ago, after a lengthy period of unemployment, I decided to try selling on Amazon as an FBA Pro Merchant.  It was a scary proposition for someone nearing retirement who had never been self-employed or owned a business before.  Though I did lots of reading and investigating, there was such an abundance of information to absorb that even the sign-up process was overwhelming to me. 

What changed everything and made it all possible was having Jessica Larrew as a mentor.   Her own success with online selling along with her savvy business sense, technical knowledge, her positive and patient manner made the learning process almost effortless and so easy to understand.  I have learned so much from her (including tips for success and beginner mistakes to avoid) that I highly recommend Jessica as a coach for anyone interested in successful online selling!!!   You’re the best, Jess…thanks so much!!!” – Maureen


“Before I started working with Jessica, I had no idea where to even begin. Unlike many of the books that are currently available, working with her made selling on Amazon a reality for me. She gave me the tools and confidence to get up and go for it. After being laid off from my job, this came at the perfect time for me. It gives me the flexibility I always wanted. She didn’t just tell me what to buy and how to send it in, but changed my mindset. Now I can see opportunity in places I would have never expected!” – Sarah


It’s been amazing how knowledgable, down to earth and helpful Jess is. Her sales numbers blow me out of the park! The fact that her and her husband do this full time is so inspiring! . I would frequently ask her for some advice whether an item is a good buy for FBA or not and she replies quickly with no hesitation. If I get disconnected from amazon for a while, she would be one of the people to encourage me to get back in the game.  My FBA journey wouldn’t be much without her! – Sam