Wordpress Maintenance Packages

Now that you have an awesome website set up, it is important to continue maintaining the “backend” of the site.

Now that you have completed The 30 Day Website Building Challenge, your site is up and looking spiffy!  Congrats…

On day 30 of the challenge, we talked about how important it is to keep up with the maintenance of your site.  This is a very important step, because we don’t want you losing all of that hard work!

We know this can be a time consuming and sometimes confusing part of owning a website.

Which is why we’ve got your back (as always!)

Cliff (my sexy hubby) and I are offering a WordPress Maintenance Package.  Yup!  We will do the techie maintenance for your new site…And treat it just like we do our own sites.

We’ve made this available exclusively to students of The 30 Day Website Building Challenge, who are using the Divi Theme.

We provide our clients with the peace of mind that their sites are being fully optimized and protected from harm.

You can rest assured knowing that we are handling your site, as if it were our own!

Weekly Updates

WordPress & Plugins are constantly changing and hackers are ready to pounce as soon as an opportunity presents itself.  We check your site weekly to make sure that all of your Plugins, Divi Theme and the WordPress Core are on the latest version.  We will keep your site safe and protect your work!



There is no need to fear that you will lose all of your hard work because of a server or database crash!  We run scheduled backups of your entire site and store them off-site.  We keep several backups on hand so that if needed, we have multiple options available.


We run scans on your site daily to make sure there are no security breaches that could negatively impact you or your sites visitors.  We also run a firewall on your site to protect from outside attacks.

Comment Moderation

Are you tired of spam comments getting through Akismet or forgetting to check your comments for weeks at a time?  We will go through your comments weekly and empty your spam folder, as well as catch any that may have slipped through the cracks.  All the comments that are genuine will be published to the site.

Uptime Monitoring

Have you ever found out that your site was down and wondered how long it’s been that way?  We’ve been there before and understand the frustration.  We monitor your site and check every 5 minutes if it is up and running or not.  If there is ever a period of time that your site is down, we will alert you so you can contact your host and get it resolved quickly!

Small Tasks

Beyond the day to day of running your site, you will run into things that need to be done, but take a lot of time to figure out how to do them.  We can do small tweaks to your site for you!  Need a plugin installed?  Want to change some colors?  Need help with making something work?   With our “Tasks” package, we will assist you with up to 3 small tasks per month.



We do all your monthly maintenance!
  • WordPress Core UpdatesWe will keep you on the latest version of WordPress at all times, to make sure your site is secure and running at full capacity!
  • Divi Theme UpdatesWe will keep your Divi Theme up to date, so you are always getting the latest features and security updates.
  • Plugin UpdatesEvery week we will manually update all of your plugins to make sure that they are working as they should be.
  • WordPress Backups Stored Off-SiteNever worry if your backups are ready.  We will store them off site so if they are ever needed, we can get them ASAP!  
  • Security Checks Your site will be checked weekly to make sure there are no security issues such as malware on your site.
  • Monthly Performance ReportsYou will get a report from us every month letting you know what has been taken care of, as well as how your site is doing overall!
  • Uptime MonitoringYour site will be checked every 5 minutes to make sure that it is up and available to readers.  If your site goes down, we will let you know so that it can be checked through your host.
  • Comment Moderation / Spam CleanupDon’t worry about getting behind on your comments, we will check and manually approve your comments weekly.  Checking your spam for anything that slipped through the cracks, and keep your spam folder cleared out!
  • 3 Website ‘Tweaks’Need us to do a quick tweak to your site?  We can make simple style changes, add graphics, install plugins, troubleshoot issues, etc.  (No tweaks included with this plan)

Our monthly WordPress Maintenace Plans will renew automatically every month.  You are able to cancel at any time, and not be billed again.  Just let our team know and we will discontinue the service, after your final billing period has ended.