One on One Coaching

Hey there!  Are you ready to GROW your website reach and INCREASE your PROFITS?  Well…Keep on reading 🙂

I can help you!

Over the last 4 years I have been quietly making millions of dollars in sales on my other website  I went from having ZERO experience in blogging, list building, course creation or coaching.  But with hard work and not caring about what people said I “had to do”, I was able to see over $100,000 in sales my very first year with a coaching group and an ebook.

Since then, I have added over 10 digital courses, paid mastermind groups, recurring revenue products, affiliate income from related courses and services and income from one – on – one coaching.

In just 4 years, I have generated over 2.5 million dollars in revenue from my site, and people have been BEGGING me to share my tactics with them.  People are blown away that I have not taken $2,000-$5,000 courses to teach me every step of the way.

Because I have seen so much CRAP being thrown around in the blogging industry, I just can’t stay quiet any longer!

I’ve become friends with too many bloggers in multiple industries who are literally struggling to make this month’s bills.  They are getting bad advice from people whose only experience with online business is teaching people the same online businesses.  I’m tired of blogging coaches teaching website owners to be blogging coaches who blog about blogging.  Does that make your head spin too?

It’s time for people to be experts in things they are actually experts in and have a proven track record!

So if you agree with me, and want to bring your expertise to your industry in a way that is beneficial to your readers and to you financially, then let’s work together!

A custom program to help you…


Attract an audience

Having the best content in the world isn’t going to do you any good, if you don’t have the right audience reading it!  I will help you to attract an audience that connects with you and wants to consume everything you have to offer!  We can work on SEO, being featured places, social media, advertising and more!


Build a product or service

The key to making money on your site is having something to offer.  I will help you to craft (or update) your dream product.  This can be in the form of coaching, digital products, trainings and/or affiliate offers.  The goal is to build your available “assets” so you can start making money in your sleep!


Get people to buy

I know it’s the “right thing” to say that you aren’t in it for the money, right?  But let’s be honest, if you didn’t want to start paying some bills with all this time you are spending on your website, you wouldn’t be here.  Making money on your site revolves around getting people to buy what you have to offer.  In whatever form you choose!

I’ll help you Take your business to the next level right now

Running an online business can be a frustrating and lonely place sometimes!  I work with business owners like you who want someone in their corner to help with getting clarity, moving forward and even to just bounce ideas around with.  The glazed over look from your friends and family unfortunately doesn’t help you make sure you are moving in the right direction.

When we work together in the coaching arena, you have access to me via email for one question a day, quick help by text message once a day and 2 hours of one on one (per month) via Skype so we can screen share and dig into anything that is holding you back at the time!

Here are some of the things I can help you work through during our coaching time together:

You have website traffic, but need to find a way to turn them into email subscribers and build your list

You know you need an autoresponder, but you don’t know what to write, how many you need or even how to set it up

You want to create an online course, but don’t know what format to use, how to set it up or what to charge

You have an online course already and need to get it to start selling, but don’t know where to promote it and get the word out

You want to be on social media, but don’t know what platform is best or if you should just be everywhere

You are doing everything yourself in your business and want to build a team that can support you while keeping your vision alive

You have trouble deciding which task is most important and knowing how to stay on track

You need someone in your corner to have your back when times get hard and you would just rather quit than move forward

The ways we will work together

Take Action Sessions

During our Skype sessions we will dive into your business specifically.  I don’t mind getting my “hands dirty” and am willing to help you implement the action steps we come up with to get your business moving forward.  Each month you get 2 hours of Skype time, which can be done in 1 or 2 sessions.  I can help you brainstorm ideas, get them laid out on paper and broken up into easy to accomplish steps.  Leaving you with an action plan to follow until the next time we have a session.  I am sorta techie and will help with what I know.  What’s that project you’ve been putting off because it seems too hard?  Let’s tackle it together!

Daily Interactions

I’m here for you between our Skype sessions as well.  As you are working on your tasks, you can send me messages if you need help.  You are able to text me, send me a Facebook message or a Voxer (walkie – talkie type app) message.  I will reply to your message the same day so you can keep the momentum going.  We can cover 1 small issue a day.  Small issues are things that need a few sentences as a reply.  Examples:  “Can you look over this email”, “How should I respond to this person”, “Is this a good fit for me”.  Pretty much those things that run through your head that you wish you could ask someone with experience “real quick”.

Loving, No BS Advice

Running your own business is very personal and takes so much heart and soul.  I keep that in mind as I give you my honest opinions and advice.  I will always tell you the truth, even if it stings a little.  Know that my advice always comes from a place of love and having your best interest at heart.  I am a no BS, and kinda blunt person.  I like to get stuff done and see my people succeed.  If you fail, I feel that pain with you.  When you succeed, I rejoice and celebrate with you!  Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy had Christina and now you can have me as your “person”.

Ready To Get started and stop stressing about sales?

Alright, it’s time!  By now, you should know if we are a good fit or not, right?  You either love me or hate me at this point…

For those of you who LOVE me and want to work with me directly, let’s just get started!  One more day not making your dream of making money online it too many.  It’s time to just get it done so you can focus on things that are most important…

Like enjoying your friends and family again.

Not spending every waking hour in front of the computer.

Enjoying the “fruits” of your labor and having some fun with your money.

Getting out of debt.

Buying yourself something nice!

What’s this going to cost you?

Great question!  I wouldn’t expect you to move forward without getting the financial deets.

Now, this is where most coaches would normally get into “how much is this going to cost you if you DON’T do it?”…

But, you’ve got the picture by now I’m not like other coaches.  So I’ll just be straight up with you and then you can make your own decision.  No guilt or pressure on my end.

To get hours worth of my time per month, in the form of messages, skype sessions and emergency calls it’s gonna cost you $3,000 a month.

I’m going to be helping you add passive income streams to your business that are going to pay off for years down the road.  So, I see it as an investment in your business.

The Changes WILL Be worth it!

When I hired my first coach, I was making $10,000 a month.  My goal was to make $20,000 because that seemed impossible.  Once I started making a few tweaks into my business that were recommended, I hit that $20,000 in no time!  So a few months later my goal was $40,000 a month…then $100,000.

If I hadn’t gotten a coach, I don’t think I would have realized what was even possible.

A good coach can take what you are doing and make it that much better, and that’s what I can do for you!

You’ve got the structure in place.  The ideas are there.  You know what you are talking about.

Now you just need it to make money so you can stop spinning your wheels!

If you could take your business to $2,000 a month consistently, would that be worth $3,000 upfront?

How about if you could go to $10,000 a month?

What if you could sell 100 of your ebooks for $47 each (making $4700), would it be worth it?

It’s time to ask yourself if working with me to help you grow your business so that you can be living the life of your dreams, heck, the dreams you didn’t even know were dreams because they were so far out there…Is it worth $3,000?

If so, let’s go!